Together with TRS for a more secure working life

By joining TRS, employers and employees are offered support in the event of changeover situations in order to promote a more secure working life.

Support to employers and trade unions in the event of redundancy

In the event of redundancy and dismissal, TRS is able to offer both employers and union representatives support and advice concerning how human reactions should be handled.

Support to the individual when adjusting to new employment

When continued employment cannot be offered, individuals may receive adjustment support and partial financial support. Adjustment support is "help to self- help" with the aim of increasing opportunities for receiving new employment. A person who has been given notice is offered access to a personal advisor with whom s/he can discuss thoughts and ideas and individual adjustment support. Strictly regulated financial support may also be given.

Development of Organizational operation and Competence

TRS offers support and preemptive efforts for development of competence and operations. The purpose is to contribute to more stable, viable organizations where the employees are equipped with the apt competence for the needs of the operation. The efforts are offered free of charge and are covered by the TRS collective agreement.

What skills will your organization need in five years?

New professions and roles emerge, others disappear. Changes in our environment requires many organizations to become better at quickly adapting and developing their skills. But how and to what end?

TRS offers support to analyze your current situation and help you in the process of ensuring the right skills in your organization for the future. Where do you stand today? What skills will you need? How are you handling matters in relation to events and trends in the outside world?

Our experienced advisers will help you make an analysis of your current situation. You will be able to use methods and tools to perform competence analyzes and create a plan how to develop your organizations competence on an individual level.

You will gain knowledge about how to find and take advantage of the drive, motivation and commitment within your organization. You will also implement, evaluate and improve your work with competence development - to stand strong for the future and changes in the outside world. Of course, based on your mission, core values and your terms and conditions.


Your application must be anchored with both employers and employees, as TRS works on behalf of both employers organizations and unions. You will need to enter a contact person and organizational number. We also need he names of an employer representative and a union or employee representative. In your application we would like you to briefly describe the development needs you see, formulate a problem or challenge you have in your organization. Indicate if you want the effort to cover the entire organization, a group or special roles.

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