Together with TRS for a more secure working life

By joining TRS, employers and employees are offered support in the event of changeover situations in order to promote a more secure working life.

Support to employers and trade unions in the event of redundancy

In the event of redundancy and dismissal, TRS is able to offer both employers and union representatives support and advice concerning how human reactions should be handled.

Support to the individual when adjusting to new employment

When continued employment cannot be offered, individuals may receive adjustment support and partial financial support. Adjustment support is "help to self- help" with the aim of increasing opportunities for receiving new employment. A person who has been given notice is offered access to a personal advisor with whom s/he can discuss thoughts and ideas and individual adjustment support. Strictly regulated financial support may also be given.

Development of Organizational operation and Competence

TRS support organizations in their work with development of operations and competence in order to promote a working environment that increases the possibility for continued employment.

TRS can be an advising and process leading partner in the development of your organization. We can offer organizations connected to our collective agreement to start a project under the supervision of TRS advisers.

You find more information about how to conduct a project here.

About GDPR and personal data

In order for TRS to be able to support you on your journey to finding a new job, or so that you can avail of other services offered by TRS under the collective agreement, we need to collect and process your personal data. Here you can read about what it means, what data we collect and how long we save it for. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

You are welcome to contact us,
by phone at: +46 (0)8-442 97 30,

Helene Bergstedt

CEO, Trygghetsrådet TRS